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The Myths, Facts and Truths of erectile dysfunction

Re Youth Root Capsules

The herbal erectile dysfunction remedy for men.


Facts and Figures

The 'Hard' truth about ED

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to develop or maintain an erection sufficient for good sexual performance.

Records from NHS England reveals that 1 in 10 men is affected by erectile dysfunction.

Most men never ask for help with ED issues which often result in broken relationships and loneliness.

The condition becomes more common as a man’s age increases.

Statistics show that of 5% men up to the age o and 15% in men up to 70 and over have erectile dysfunction.

Many factors outside illness can lead to this condition including testosterone levels, emotional concerns, nerves condition and blood vessel condition.

Here is a general cause list.

Men that have unrealistic sexual expectations.

Drugs (including certain prescription drugs such as those given for depression).

Alcohol and substance abuse

Psychological causes (such a depression).

Other mental issues such as worrying and attachment to previous bad sexual experiences.
High blood pressure
High Cholesterol
Low level of testosterone
Injury to or around the pelvic or spinal cord areas.
Clogged blood vessel

Some myths.
ED is just a normal part of growing older.
Young men are not affected by erectile dysfunction.
Take the only way to overcome erectile dysfunction is to take pills for the rest of your life.
Wearing tight trousers or jeans and tight underwear can lead to erectile dysfunction.
Masturbation causes erectile dysfunction.

Some common cures.
Lifestyle changes
Regular Exercising
Stop smoking or drastically reduce your tobacco intake
Reduce or stop alcohol and certain or non-essential prescription drugs
Alternative therapies
Oral medical
Herbal capsules * 
Nutritional supplements
Surgical treatments.
Vascular reconstructive surgery
Penile prosthesis
Gene therapy

Psychological counselling
Think Positively
Visualise positive past experiences and achievements
Learn to relax and manage your stress levels.
Learn to meditate
Separate sex fact from sex fantasy and maintain realistic  sexual expectations


* (We recommend herbal capsules as it’s much simpler and easier than injections or surgery if you have the choice.) 

Facts and Figures

The Myths, Facts and Truths of erectile dysfunction
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