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Re Youth Root Herbal Capsules for men

100% Herbal erectile Dysfunction treatment for men.


A brief story about how I came across re youth root capsules and why I came to be selling them in the UK.

A Brief Story About Reyouth Root Capsules

Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Treatment For Men.

Reyouth Root Capsules for men for increases your sexual function and desire.

Helping you to enjoy your love life.

Reyouth root capsules for men can help you to overcome the effects of Erectile Dysfunction that all men occasionally suffer from, especially as we get older or busier.
But Reyouth root capsules are not just for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is great for the man that wants to improve his sexual performance as well.

How can I can say this?

“When I started dating again, even though women said I was a great lover, I wanted to ensure I could have the energy and stamina I had 
when I was younger.

After all, getting divorced at 42 is like starting over again and

I wanted to perform as I did when I left bachelorhood.”

I am now 56 years old myself and I left a married about 15 years ago. 
Getting thrown back into the dating game after so many years and at 40 was not a great prospect. 

But I decided not to be a sad divorced loser who just slips into a beer belly and a bad attitude.
I actively decided to find a new life partner with as positive an attitude as myself.

I joined local gym and kept up may exercise routine,  and read some books and learned that being a great lover is a great way to get your choice of partners and enjoyed relationships at a deeper level.

To ensure I was not just drifting into a relationship that I wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy, I decided to do some research on the dating game.

I downloaded and read some books on my Kindle, and watched some youtube videos.




"Perhaps, but I was going to take control and ensure that I found what I was looking for."


To ensure I was not just drifting into a relationship that I wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy, I decided to do some research on the dating game.

I downloaded and read some books on my Kindle, and watched some youtube videos.


Maybe, but there is a saying from George Washington, that goes.

“If I am going to chop down a tree, I’ll spend the first couple of hours sharpening my axe.”  

There are no lessons in regular school about social interaction and dating.

So, I became a student of dating at the age of 42.   For me, I wanted to ensure that I was not drifting into some relationship oblivion.  

I wanted to ensure I had the choice of partner I wanted to be with, and my new relationship would be a conscious decision.

I learned to make sure that I was up to date with the physiology and expectation of the modern woman.

As, for sexual performance,  I knew I  had to stay fit as I hear what women say about men with big guts and bad posture, and I know that no respectable woman wants a man sounds as if is trying to run a marathon after a few minutes in the sack.

To, ensure that I hit the right spot on date nights, I wanted to ensure that tiredness or after work stress not affect my performance.

But, Viagra and Calis were not on the cards for me.

I treat myself well as much as possible I stay well away from processed foods and fast food meals and try like burger joints.
I try to eat food from good sources and I just don’t take medicines easily.

For me the solution had to be herbal and natural.

I found a lot of great juicing recipes for helping to ensure that I have acan always get a good erection, but ensuring I had the right ingredients as regularly as I needed became a pain.

I was fortunate that I remembered that  I friend a told about a herbal remedy that gave him a lot of boosts and how he made his girlfriend wild with ecstasy.  
This was some years ago when this sort of thing held no interest for me at the time.

I  casually asked him about that night and he said again how great it was and how his girlfriend turned into a wild sex freak for weeks when he had these.
He lives in Canada and said he never came across these again.
Unfortunately, he didn’t remember the name of these either as the name he did know at the time as the person called it by an African word and probably it was a slang name anyway.

I had tried some herbal pills. First I tried the ones that you can find in the vending machines with emergency condoms in some pub toilets and petrol stations.
These, seem to have some effect, but I can’t say I would recommend these.
Next, I bought a packet of ultra-expensive pills from a Lloyds pharmacy.
These cost £80 for 10 capsules.
These made me sick in the stomach £80 down the loo – literally.
I continued with the juicing recipes, but as mentioned, it was difficult for me to keep up the ingredients and not always convenient.
I was looking for something to ensure I kept my now flawless record with the women I started seeing.

I had already emailed herbal product producers in India, Africa and China, but responses where slow if at all, and all were only interested in dealing in very large quantities.

After a year or so, I caught up with a friend who had been away in business in Nigeria.
He had bought a large stock of great erection capsules and wanted me to try some.

That, was when Reyouth Root Capsules was born.
After a couple of weeks I contacted the manufacturer by the details on the box ordered my first 10,000 Re Youth Root Capsules.

I gave a few packets of capsules to various friends. Those that tried it gave me great feedback and bought more from me.
I also asked a few girlfriends to test them with me. 

(Yes a kind of harness test – completely non-scientific of course ).
I have even had Women take these.

I opened the website back in 2011 as so many people asked me for these amazing capsules that I thought that small business opportunity existed.

I have settled down now with a great lady.
We have a relationship and a great sex-life and together promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy sex life together.

I still use Reyouth Root Capsule and at 56 and 51 we still enjoy a great sexlife together.

Amanda @

Amanda @ Manager Administrator

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About Re Youth Root is the only supplier of Re-Youth Root Capsules in the UK.

We have been selling in the UK for seven years and we have had great feed back about our produce and requests from the world over.

I am very happy that so many men have found to be useful whatever there situation  and found Re-Youth Root as great a product as I have.

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