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5 Nutritional tips for a Harder Erection

Have you ever felt that your erection is not as much powerful, as it used to be? Perhaps it is the time to check your lifestyle once again, as our diet and lifestyle play a significant role to increase erection strength. The following are 5 essential nutritional tips that will give you rock hard erections.

1) Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

2) Drink Green tea because green tea contains antioxidants that destroy free radicals in order to maintain cardiovascular health.

3) Reduce your diet in order to lose weight because testosterone hormone that is responsible for sexuality in the male body, its production and effectiveness is affected by the amount of fat in your body.

4) Eat foods that enhance your performance. Avoid all fried foods and you should eat salads having vinegar and oil.

5) Spicy foods increase the flow of blood vessels in your body and therefore enhance your sexual performance.


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